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Teaching has come to be an essential part of my work. This is reflected in my workshop seminars with community and religious leaders, sermons at church events, conference presentations for scholarly audiences, and through my classes with students within the higher education sector. Teaching is an exhilarating experience for me; one that often leaves me energized after a session has gone well.

Over the years, I have adopted a process-oriented approach to teaching wherein the audience is equipped and nurtured to demonstrate leadership qualities in order to foster a growth mindset. The aim of taking this approach is to ensure that I create a listener-centered learning atmosphere which can emphasize the listener’s growth, development, and mastery of skills that will enable them to become leaders of exceptional quality within their respective fields and communities.   

Whether it is teaching university courses on social science, psychology, and theology, or facilitating masterclasses on leadership, youth ministry, and work-life balance, creating a transformative learning atmosphere that is inclusive and reflects honesty is central to my teaching philosophy.