My teaching philosophy is embedded in four core values: Integrity (of character, knowledge and opinion), Innovative and Creative Learning (teaching and facilitating learning experiences that leverage today’s technology and media), Relationships (building genuine, authentic, and transformative relationships with my students), and Mentoring (taking the lead as a role model for my students and helping them realise their own dreams and aspirations).

Victor Counted has a strong commitment to teaching and equipping leaders. He teaches university courses and facilitates several workshop masterclasses.

As an academic, Victor teaches university courses related to ‘Psychology of religion and spirituality’, ‘Research Methodology’, ‘Social Psychology’, ‘Psychology and Theology’, ‘The Cognitive Study of Religion’, ‘Spiritual Care’, ‘Pastoral Care and Counseling’, ‘African Diaspora Studies’, ‘Migration and Spirituality’, ‘Practical Theology & Missiology’, ‘Youth Studies’, ‘Sociology of Religion’, and ‘Religion and Culture’.

As a trainer and speaker, Victor facilitates masterclasses, workshops, and speaks on several topics related to his research and ministry experience such as: ‘Personal Leadership’, ‘Perfecting the Art of Self’, ‘Living The Complete Life’, ‘Understanding Youth Identity Crisis’, ‘Youth Ministry Training’, ‘Leading At Three Levels of Significance’, ‘Maximizing Your Authenticity’, ‘Work-life Balance’, and other customized programs in a wide range of areas.