"…found on the borderline between psychology and theology."

Victor Counted is interested in the psychology and sociology of religion, and in particular the role and theology of spiritual care. With empirical research experience in Africa, Europe, and Australia, Victor’s research examines the role of real and imagined relationships in religion, psychotherapy, and mental health. As an interdisciplinary voice, Victor is found on the borderline between theology and psychology, with research interests fusing around issues related to the following:


The Psychology and Sociology of Religion 

Investigating how religious experiences and the spirituality of religious believers can be interpreted from social psychology and psychobiology. 

Theology of Spiritual Care 

Exploring different theologically and biblically based principles for spiritual care and Christian counseling.


Religion, Place, and Health Outcomes

Exploring the role of place attachment in religion, and its association with health-related quality of life outcomes. 

Relational Psychoanalysis and Spirituality 

Exploring ways in which spirituality can be conceptualized as a relational process between the supernatural and the religious believer using psychoanalytic theory.

Adult Attachment Theory 

Expanding John Bowlby’s attachment theory to include the various ways in which the theory can help in understanding adult relationship experiences with close others, geographic places, divine entities, and other lifespan attachment development areas. 

Authenticity, Attachment, and Identity Formation

Exploring identity formation, faith development, and self-hood through the idea of staying true to self in personality psychology.

African Diaspora Mental Health  

Exploring the different ways in which the African diaspora in the West negotiates their mental wellbeing and quality of life in relation to a range of confounding factors. 

Migration and Spirituality 

Exploring the possible links between migration and spirituality within different diaspora and refugee contexts.

Adult Religious Psychopathology 

Exploring religious themes and behaviors relevant to understanding religious abnormal behaviors.   

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