Missionary x Preacher x Research psychologist x Theologian x Social scientist


Victor Counted is Research Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology and Religion, England, and Research Fellow of the Faculty of Theology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He travels around the world as a missionary, preacher, research psychologist, and a theologian. Victor has empirical research experiences in South Africa, Netherlands, and in Australia. His research interests are in the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Sociology of Religion, and Theology of Spiritual Care. Victor has been recently investigating the intersections of religion, place, and health outcomes. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for international academic journals (among them have been: Journal of Psychology and Theology, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, and Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion). 

Committed to building and strengthening faith communities, Counted hopes to provide answers to difficult questions and create an aura that inspires generations through his teachings and writings. He serves as a trainer and missionary with the Counted for Christ Ministries, equipping church leaders and Christian ministries around the world to meet the complex needs of our present-day culture. Victor is also the co-founder of Third Millennium Africa Project, a non-profit enterprise leading Africa’s millennia transition through supporting youth action and social innovation in Africa. Counted is the author of two books and several peer-reviewed articles. He is currently working on three new monographs: “Finding God Without Losing Yourself: Resolving the Conflict with God and Self;” “Religion, Place, and Psychology: An Introduction to the Circle of Place Spirituality;” and “African Diaspora Religion in Psychodynamic Perspective: Theory, Research, and Health Implications.” 

For more information about Victor Counted, feel free to send an email to victor@counted.org.uk or connect@victorcounted.org